Dr. Yemisi Bokinni

Show Host

A trained medical doctor, researcher, long-standing promoter of public health, and host of Daily Run Africa, a health and wellness show. 

 With a medical degree (MBBS), a Bachelor of Science in Human Genetics, and postgraduate courses in nutritional genomics and personalised medicine, my goal is to pursue efforts that work on managing & preventing chronic diseases and promoting wellbeing. When it comes to chronic diseases and preventable cancers, medicine must transition from a disease-based model of care to a health promotion and disease prevention approach. I’m on the path of the latter.

Daily Run Africa is a health and wellness show providing a space for culturally-relevant civic dialogue and participation on chronic diseases and health promotion. Public engagement has been at the heart of our approach to health and wellness, so it’s no surprise that half of the content of each show is based on public feedback sent through weekly audio questions. The show offers meaningful guidance and idea exchange for people of African heritage—wherever they live; by medical professionals of African heritage. It is available online & on ABN Radio in the UK. The show has transitioned from its 2015 beginnings of social media-based discussions, to become an audience-driven space through storytelling, art, and active participation. The show also produces video content in native languages alongside audio translations.  

Ultimately, Daily Run Africa is a space for sharing and telling; for questioning and answering; for paying forward and giving back. Together, the quotes ‘health is wealth’ and ‘knowledge is power’ epitomise the overall objective of Daily Run Africa: empowering people to make decisions that benefit their health and wellbeing. 

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