Episode 20: Overcoming Binge Eating

Overcoming Binge Eating

Food can bring comfort, it even has an ability to relieve physical pain. However, emotional or physical discomfort is understood to be the primary reasons why we comfort eat. Binge eating is perhaps a more severe form of comfort eating. It occurs when we have episodes of uncontrollable eating, usually done in private, and often followed by feelings of guilt and shame. This is the first of a two-part series on eating disorders. We’ll be exploring binge eating and bulimia, and I’ll be joined by specialists in the process. This week we discuss the first steps to overcoming binge eating with Dr. Sarah Shillingford, a senior counselling psychologist who conducted her PhD research in this area.

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Hosted by Dr. Yemisi Bokinni – A trained medical doctor, researcher, and long-standing promoter of public health. Dr. Bokinni graduated with a Medical degree and BSc in Human Genetics from King’s College London. She also has postgraduate training in nutritional genomics and personalised medicine.