Episode 07: Lactose intolerant?

Lactose intolerant?

95% of people in Africa and Asia are intolerant to dairy, and contrary to what the term ‘lactose intolerant’ implies, this is actually the norm. The gene responsible for breaking down ‘lactose’ in milk should switch off in adulthood. Today we’ll be discussing dairy alternatives, how to meet your daily calcium requirements for strong bones, as well as the differences between the term ‘allergy’ and ‘intolerance’. We also answer questions sent in from Mozambique, Kenya & UK.

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Hosted by Dr. Yemisi Bokinni – A trained medical doctor, researcher, and long-standing promoter of public health. Dr. Bokinni graduated with a Medical degree and BSc in Human Genetics from King’s College London. She also has postgraduate training in nutritional genomics and personalised medicine.