Episode 17: Intermittent fasting – Is it any good?

Intermittent fasting - Is it any good?

The first investigations on the effects of fasting on health date back to animal studies in 1946, where is was found that fasting increased lifespan by 15-20%, and slowed the growth of tumours. Fast forward to 2018, and intermittent fasting has been suggested to influence everything from ageing, to weight loss, better manage blood sugar levels, reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol. But how much of this is simply the outcome of eating less as opposed to the process of fasting in itself? We assess the evidence. We also interview Alice Ojwang, a nutrition consultant and PhD researcher on Obesity at North-West University for some practical tips on weight management.

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Hosted by Dr. Yemisi Bokinni – A trained medical doctor, researcher, and long-standing promoter of public health. Dr. Bokinni graduated with a Medical degree and BSc in Human Genetics from King’s College London. She also has postgraduate training in nutritional genomics and personalised medicine.