Episode 22: Is Eating Fish Healthy?

Is eating fish healthy?

We’re in a bit of a dilemma! Environmental pollution is messing with our food in a way, meaning that some foods that were previously deemed highly nutritious, with confirmed health benefits, now pose some risk to health. Eating fish falls directly into this category as pollutants known as PCB’s, dioxins & heavy metals are known to build up in them. This is the reason why some governments advise that pregnant women, or those planning to conceive, limit their consumption of certain types of common fish. This week we’ll be answering a question we receive fairly regularly. Is eating fish healthy? We also interview the award-winning Chef Malcolm Riley, popularly known as ‘The African Chef’ for creative plant-based high protein recipes.

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Hosted by Dr. Yemisi Bokinni – A trained medical doctor, researcher, and long-standing promoter of public health. Dr. Bokinni graduated with a Medical degree and BSc in Human Genetics from King’s College London. She also has postgraduate training in nutritional genomics and personalised medicine.