Episode 25: Why we should donate blood

Why we should donate blood

The amazing thing about blood is that it is constantly being produced. A single blood cell lives for an average of 120 days as it travels through our body, providing oxygen to our organs before it is broken down and replaced. This fact makes the concept of donating blood a very intriguing act of giving! For 10 minutes of our time, it causes no harm to us, and we’ll be getting it all back in a way. In this episode we discuss why we would be doing a great thing if we donated blood. We also interview Kehnide Salami, Founder of the Sickle Cell advocacy organisation SickleKan on his journey with Sickle Cell Disease, and why blood donations from people of African and Caribbean heritage are of great importance.

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Hosted by Dr. Yemisi Bokinni – A trained medical doctor, researcher, and long-standing promoter of public health. Dr. Bokinni graduated with a Medical degree and BSc in Human Genetics from King’s College London. She also has postgraduate training in nutritional genomics and personalised medicine.