With special thanks to Simon Olagai (audio narrative)

Full transcript: This message is from Freetown Sierra Leone, West Africa  I’m talking to you all about diabetes, a bad illness that kills many in Sierra Leone .What is diabetes? It is a bad illness that human beings can have as a result of having high levels of sugar in our blood  How do you know if you have this illness? You will notice that you’re drinking more frequently, you urinate often, your body may itch and you may lose weight. How do you stop this illness? Eat food grown locally, avoid drinking excess alcohol, avoid smoking ensure you exercise regularly, and avoid eating too much sugar.

With special thanks to Theoneste Nkurunziza (audio narrative) and Gerry Mujyambere (audio translation)

Full transcript: Did you know that a nutritious diet helps your child become smarter and healthier? A good diet has multiple benefits for your child as it increases the body’s immunity, mental capacity and brain power, memory and intelligence, growth and a speedy recovery in times of sickness or injury, as well as increased strength and stamina. Parents, health is from what we eat, give your child a complete meal made of protein, cereals, fruits and vegetables. This will lead to health and wellbeing for your children so that they are able to think critically and creatively, leading to great achievements for our development.

With special thanks to Dr. Beatriz Manuel Chongo (audio narrative) and Miguel Carneiro (audio translation)

Full transcript: Did you know that babies can also develop tooth decay even before their teeth appear? The child’s milk teeth will one day fall, but having strong, healthy teeth is important. Beware of breastfeeding or bottle feeding, milk contains sugar. Oral hygiene should begin at birth, at the first bath using a soft or damp compress, or a moist clean cloth as part of the daily routine of the baby’s bath. Consult your dentist before your baby is one year old. If you suspect caries, take your child to the dentist immediately.

With special thanks to Nutritionist, Collins Akanno, (audio narrative) and Obinna Chukwu (audio translation)

Full transcript:  Do you know that good health is wealth? If you don’t know, you will agree that what concerns doctors handwork of today has passed sickness and treatment of disease. It has transitioned into removing the factors that cause disease. What we eat is now the major point of discussion. Eating healthy and regular exercise is the road to living a healthy life!

With special thanks to Dr. Tobias Nyumba (audio narrative) and Dr. Charles Opondo (audio translation)

Full transcript: Does eating fish improve intelligence and general well-being? This is true.Especially in the Luo community, who live in Western Kenya, where a lot of fish is consumed.Fish is rich in nutrients called Omega three, six and nine, which help the brain to function well, and reduce the rate of illnesses such as anxiety and depression, diseases of the heart, bones, and the common cold. Eat fish for a healthy mind and a healthy life!